Benefits of your dog wearing a harness

A dog harness is a great way to keep your dog safe and comfortable while out on adventures. A harness can be used for training, walking and hiking, or just as an everyday accessory.
The most obvious benefit is that it helps to keep your dog safe and secure, especially when you're out and about on walks. Other benefits also include:
  • Reduced pressure on neck: A properly fitted harness distributes the weight of your dog's body over its chest, back and shoulders rather than just around its neck. This helps to reduce stress on their delicate trachea and oesophagus.
  • Improved comfort: Harnesses are more comfortable than collars because they don't rub against your dog's skin as much, which means less irritation for them! They also don't put any pressure on the windpipe or trachea like collars do when tugging occurs during walks or playtime with other dogs/people etc.
  • Less restrictive: Harnesses allow for greater range of motion in comparison with collars.

Top Tips on How to Measure for a Harness

We suggest you measure around the chest and neck to determine the size of harness you need. To measure your dog's chest, place one finger between their front legs and wrap the tape measure around them. Don't pull too tightly or you'll get an inaccurate measurement! To measure their neck, put two fingers under their jawline (where they would rest if they were looking up) and wrap it around as well--again, don't pull too tightly because this will make your dog uncomfortable!


Our harness are designed with your dogs comfort and security in mind. You can view our range of 3 point harnesses here

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