What size should I order?

Please refer to our size guide for all sizing information. 

I'm interested in becoming a brand ambassador, where do I sign up?

Thank you for wanting to support Bramble&Co! Please head to our Instagram account as all brand ambassador opportunities will be posted there.

What are the benefits of a harness?

Harnesses are ideal for dogs that pull on their lead, as they help distribute pressure across the chest instead of just on your dog's neck. This can help prevent injuries such as neck pain, muscle strain or even spinal damage over time--and it can also make walks more comfortable for both you and your pup!

What is the best way to clean my accessories? 

We recommend cleaning them using warm soapy water, and gently washing any stains out with soap, before lying them flat, or hanging to air-dry.

Will you be at any events or dog shows? 

We will be yes, and we'd love to meet you! Our full calendar of events will be shared on our social media accounts.