Bill Loves his new Bramble & Co look By Walking The Wolds

In a mission to improve our health, wellbeing and confidence and share all of our adventures with like-minded dog lovers and walkers, we - Bill and Mrs. M., have been Walking the Wolds to explore routes up and down the hills and dales of this beautiful part of Yorkshire.

Now Bramble and Co are part of our journeys as Bill is sporting the fabulous ‘Autumn Rain’ harness on our travels. And I, Mrs. M., haven’t been left out, as I am now the proud possessor of a walking bag – although I must admit this is used for carrying Bill’s treats in the main and so is full of cheese, bananas and dog-snacks – although it does have a handy separate compartment for my supply of important travelling cake! (as well as poop bags and collapsible dog bowl – with room to spare for Bill’s lead – it really is quite roomy!)

So far walking the Wolds, we have discovered fascinating deserted medieval villages, abandoned airfields,and poetry benches; stunning landscapes and woodland, as well as plenty of over-curious cows, sheep and puddles, which Bill likes to sit in. Luckily Bill’s lovely harness is waterproof so it stands up to the rigors of muddy puddle bathing and excessive rolling in wet grass – which he loves. As many dog lovers will recognize.

Bill also likes to run like a crazy thing on occasion and has been known to fall into streams, all of which, I am pleased to say, he can do in his harness with no problems at all, due to its functionality and quality.

For all of our adventures, easy to follow and detailed route descriptions– so that you don’t come a cropper, photographs of Bill doing all of the above and looking extremely stylish and pleased with himself, plus our dog-friendly and wheat free recipes, blogs, Bill and Mrs. M Member’s Club and all of the places and products that Bill Loves, visit and our Facebook page and we hope that you enjoy Walking the Wolds with Bill and Mrs. M.

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